Innovation and Quality

Roerink Food Family attaches great value to quality. It goes without saying that all five organisations are IFS certified (Higher level). These certifications are awarded after an audit and signify that an organisation meets the requirements set by IFS. This generally implies that the various elements of a business' management system for quality and food safety are documented and implemented in the correct way, are kept up to date and that continual improvement takes place.

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Twekkelo (production site on the Bruninksweg, Twekkelo)
HEKS’NKAAS® (production site on the Hinmanweg, Oldenzaal)
Happy Goat® (production site on the Hinmanweg, Oldenzaal)
De Dessert Meesters (production site on the Hanzepoort, Oldenzaal)

Happy Goat® in Oldenzaal also holds a Skal certification. Skal Biocontrole [Organic Check] is dedicated to proving the reliability of organic products in The Netherlands. 'Organic' is a legally protected term. An agricultural product or foodstuff may only be called organic if the production process complies with legal regulations. The European government determines the regulations, the roughly 3,600 certified organic businesses observe these and Skal monitors their compliance. This way, the consumer can be certain that a product really is organic.

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