Mission and Vision


Roerink Food Family is the parent group of ZuivelhoeveZuivelhoeve Shops and De Dessert Meesters. We are aiming to fulfill an important role in the international retail market, just as doing now in the dutch retail market. With our brands and companies, our mission is to make sure everybody is able to enjoy the most delicious dairy products. Our products find their way to consumers via the retail market.


Roerink Food Family internationally sees a consequent need for her dutch dairy brands, telling a real story. These dairy brands are pattern breaking looking at the dairy category. Moreover, they are perfect in taste. This is how we offer the whole value chain to be distinctive and to create added value.

Core Values

The family company, run by multiple generations of people, shows her mission and vision in the following core values: a sustainable value chain, transparancy, quality of our ingredients, quality of work, product quality and, of course, entrepreneurship. We keep innovating on new consumer needs. Not only today, but we work with the current 'zeitgeist'. 

1. Sustainability

Roerink Food Family uses (meadow)milk from farmers that guarantee the highest animal welfare. Moreover, our ingredients are being selected with utmost care. We use Rainforest Alliance certified cacoa, FSC certified cardboard, and we are well aware of the origin of ingredients. Besides, we know what role we play considering the climate we live in. That's why, when the new buildings are being used at Zuivelhoeve, with 2000 solar panels, our energy processes are energy neutral. Looking at efficient use of energy, De Dessert Meesters already reached the highest sustainability level. Please read more about sustainability here.

2. Transparancy

Our products, that's where transparancy begins. Because of our transparant products, consumers know exactly what they buy. On top of that, we can be transparant about how we do business and in what way we produce our products. We know the origin of our ingredients, about which we would like to inform you.

3. Quality

The best taste ever, that's what we want. Because of that we do a lot of research and continuously innovate our products. So you can be sure you always receive dairy products with the highest and best quality.

4. Entrepreneurship 

Entrepreneuship is in our blood. It all started in the eighties. Still, our family company is looking for new opportunities to improve and innovate our companies.

Do you have any questions about our vision, mission and core values? We are happy to explain. Please get in touch for any questions.