De Dessert Meesters

At De Dessert Meesters, the most delicious ice cream desserts are being created for retail. Based on authentic recipes, we create these desserts using craftmanship. High quality ingredients are used to develop unique flavors. Our products are being sold as Private Label and Fancy Label concepts in 26 countries troughout Europe. 

The origins of De Dessert Meesters go back to an ice cream parlor in the Dutch town of Hengelo in 1925, an inspired family business in which quality and flavours are highly valued. The family has received various prices and awards for their products, which translates into a drive that is still very much at the heart of the company. In 2014, De Dessert Meesters became a part of Roerink Food Family.

We are always on the lookout for the best and the tastiest. Our products are distinctive in terms of flavour, quality and their unique presentation. This allows our customers to excel in the category.

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