The business started with selling dairy products from a farm in 1981. It has grown into a family business that is justifiably proud of producing delicious and authentic natural dairy products. We make fair dairy products and take time optimizing them. That's why the following cornerstones account:

From the beginning in 1981, we chose the yoghurt cultures we loved the most at the farm. After that, they have never changed. We still believe this recepture is the best. And for the rest of the Netherlands, the same accounts!

Making yoghurt at a large scale still is the work of people. Of course, using machinery is inevitable. Our yoghurt masters however continuously and precisely follow the creation of the yoghurt and monitor its quality.

If you ask us, good yoghurt is thick and creamy. It's this creamy it won't move when putting a spoon in it. Therefore we take our time. So the natural process can do it's job. That's why our yoghurt is deliciously unique - both in taste and structure. Our yoghurt ripens at least 18 hours, which ensures it's full, delicious and real taste. Zuivelhoeve, created with tranquility at de Zuivelhoeve.

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