Sustainable for mankind

Roerink Food Family collaborates closely with businesses like SWB and Sallcon in the area of caring for mankind. These organisations ensure that people unable to participate in the job market can work in a fulfilling manner and in a normal work environment. Roerink Food Family offers such people various types of jobs within the organisation through which they can develop in an appropriate manner.

Roerink Food Family also invests in staff training. For instance, there are specific staff training programmes for broadening and reinforcing staff members’ know-how and thus making potential career opportunities within the organisation more within reach.

For people in need of specific care, De Lingehof (Happy Goat) seeks opportunities departing from their personal interests and abilities. As the farm involves a great variety of activities, a suitable job can easily be created to meet individual needs. This way De Lingehof offers custom opportunities for both personal and social development for each individual.