Sustainable for animals

As milk from cows and goats is the foundation of the products produced by Roerink Food Family, we aim to treat our animals as well as possible.

The farmers supplying us with grass-fed milk make sure the cows' daily lives are as pleasant as possible. This is achieved with cow mattresses and cow brushes that provide extra comfort. Furthermore, the cows and the cowsheds are checked annually according to so-called 'Cow Compass' factors. This entails the well being of the cows and calves, housing, milking, feed and work routines around the farm itself. Due to the well being of the cows, Roerink Food Family has recently been permitted to use the meadow milk logo. This certification confirms that the cows producing the grass-fed milk are out in the open 6 hours per day for a minimum of 120 days per year. The grass-fed milk logo guarantees that the dairy products are indeed made from fresh, grass-fed milk. This milk is collected separately and processed into daily fresh dairy foods.

The goats at care farm De Lingehof in Rhenoy are also treated with the utmost care. The 1,500 goats have plenty of space indoors and out to enjoy the good life. This way, they supply Happy Goat® with the fresh milk from which the fresh organic goat cheese is made.