Sustainable for the environment

Roerink Food Family also ensures that the environment is respected by making a contribution to a sustainable and dynamic society. This is achieved firstly by using green electricity provided by Pure Energie. This company generates energy at their own wind farms and solar-energy projects in The Netherlands. Pure Energie has already been chosen 3x in a row as the greenest electricity supplier by the Consumentenbond [Consumers Association], Natuur & Milieu [Nature & Environment], WNF, HIVOS, WISE and Greenpeace.

Also in the works are a project for the re-use of spring water and a new housing development that includes plans for its own water-purifying installation.

As for packaging, all our cardboard trays bear the FSC hallmark. This hallmark confirms that the wood from which the trays were made originated from a FSC certified forest. FSC stands for responsible forest management where the ecological, social and economic aspects are taken into account equally.