Sustainable for animals

Roerink family is driven by the view 'Consideration for mankind, animals and the environment'. As milk from cows is the foundation of the products produced by Roerink Food Family, we aim to treat these animals the best possible.

The farmers supplying us with fresh (meadow) milk guarantee the cows are treated the best possible. Cow mattresses and cow brushes provide extra comfort. Furthermore, the cows and the cowsheds are checked annually following the so-called 'Cow Compass'. This entails the well being of the cows and calves, housing, the milking, feeding and work routines at the farm. 

Meadow milk

All our fresh dairy is produced using certified meadow milk. Our ice cream also contains meadow milk. Meadow milk stems from farms where cows are outside, from spring to autumn, 6 hours per day for a minimum of 120 days per year. In modern dairy farming, this is not always an obviousness. The meadow milk logo guarantees the dairy products are indeed made from fresh, grass-fed milk. This milk is separately collected and daily processed into fresh dairy foods. An independent body safeguards the production process, its processing and transportation.