Sustainable for the environment

Roerink Food Family also ensures that the environment is respected. Firstly, by using green electricity provided by Pure Energie.

This company owns wind farms and runs solar-energy projects in The Netherlands. Pure Energie has been awarded to be the greenest electricity supplier by the Consumentenbond [Dutch Consumers Association], Natuur & Milieu [Nature & Environment], WISE and Greenpeace 7 times in a row.

Sustainable buildings

De Dessert Meesters reached the highest sustainability level according to BREEAM-NL. This sustainability certification is for buildings with a minimal impact on the environment. 

Sustainable new buildings

The new buildings which are currently build at Zuivelhoeve also follow the ambitions that Roerink Food Family has. The 2000 solar panels that will be placed at the roof, will ensure the building is energy neutral. Besides, a biological retention pool will be placed for wastewater disposal. We are realizing our own water purification system and native oak wood will be at the building which fits into the local environment.

FSC, Rainforest Alliance and sustainable options

We select our ingredients and packages with utmost care. We use FSC certified cardboard, which ensures the wood stems from an FSC certified wood. Sustainable forest management according to FSC is when the ecological, social and economical aspects of the woods are taken into account.

Moreover we use Rainforest Alliance certified cacoa and are well aware of the origin of our ingredients. Kosher, Biological and Vegan products can be developed as well.